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About Plebe

Plebe Gaming is a Metaverse & Blockchain Gaming Project created with the purpose of bringing  web3 to everyday users.


The metaverse has evolved into a very real phenomenon, with a slew of thriving platforms boasting ever-increasing crypto integrations. Plebe Gaming suite of NFT and Metaverse games will allow you to be able to interact and play your favourite games while earning in-game NFTs, tokens, gear and having fun. 


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Crypto Plebes NFTs

409/1000 Released

Crypto Plebes are a collection of 1000 NFTs within the Plebe Gaming Ecosystem. There are over 100+ unique Traits to collect.

 Each Plebe offers unique benefits to holders such as:

- 1 of 1 unique in game avatar within our metaverse "Plebe Kingdoms" and other games to come

- Token and NFT Airdrops

- Whitelisting for partnered projects 

- Exclusive Giveaways 

New Crypto Plebes are released in waves. Currently all Releases have been SOLD OUT


Plebe Gaming has created an exciting and open metaverse for players to explore. Meet some of your favourite Crypto Plebes and celebrities in game and follow their exciting and funny quests as you restore order to the Plebe Kingdom.

Plebe Kingdoms is built through Unity within the sandbox ecosystem along side tech giants such as Atari. 


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