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Parallel Lines


Plebe Gaming is unlike any other NFT project. We knew we wanted to create something that stands out and so delved into the Metaverse to add another layer of utility to our awesome Crypto Plebes.


Plebe Gaming $PLEB is the token representation of our Crypto Gaming Company.

There are 5 main use cases for $PLEB token;

1. A asset that traders will be able to Buy and trade to speculate on the future value and growth of our project.

2. A form of currency within our games that will be used to purchase in-game items.

3. Used as a reward to players for having fun in our games by completing quests, solving puzzles and defeating enemies.

4. In-game yield generating asset

5. A token that rewards players with special privileges such as early access and airdrops depending on the amount held in the users wallet.


Plebe Gaming is creating a suite of games for Crypto Degens, Play 2 Earn Enthusiasts, Gamers and the Entire crypto community. These suite of games include the release of Crypto Plebes Sandbox game, Crypto Plebe Casino, a RPG Play to earn competitor to Axie Infinity, and many others.


This is a gaming NFT project to keep an eye on!


Name: Plebe Gaming 
Token Symbol: $PLEB 
Max supply: 100,000,000 
Network: BSC 


Plebe Gaming will be buying back tokens periodically using funds from our sales in royalties of Crypto Plebes NFTs, Partnerships and In Game Advertising Revenue. $PLEB Tokens will then be used to fund our play to earn games to reward players for completing objectives, questing, and participating in giveaways. By doing this we will be creating a strong demand for $PLEB tokens while also supporting our loyal players and encouraging a healthy play to earn ecosystem.

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